Strategy to win at Roulette

In principle there are two important things related to roulette, the benefit of banking will always be 1/37 (about 3% and that is very clear the bank always wins) and secondly that our benefit from the casino comes from those players who trust only in luck.

It is clear that in the casinos luck is needed, but mathematical methods also exist to not GO SOLD IN BAD WAY, as it happens to inexperienced players. The first method that we will apply to earn money in a safe way is the dubbing of bets best known in the circles of professionals and research, as is our case, with the name of MARTINGALA.

The technique is very simple but DEMOLISHINGLY EFFECTIVE, is to double bet whenever we lose in roulette to red or black.

We will start betting $ 1 red.

If it comes out black, we’ll bet $ 2 again on red,

If it goes black again, we will bet $ 4 again on the red and so on until we win the bet.


At the moment we have won in that color, we will start again with the bet of $ 1 in the opposite color until we win the bet and so on.


BET 1 € 2 € 4 €
PROFITS -1 € -2 € 4 €
GLOBAL COMPUTER -1 € -3 € 1 €

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